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Serene Transitions, LLC, is owned and operated by dedicated people who genuinely care about your recovery. We offer residents the benefits of recovery in a safe, high quality, clean & sober environment. Our residents are focused on their recovery from alcohol or drugs, and their transition from other types of care back into the community. They do this with others living in a home that are also in recovery. Positive people, in a positive environment, growing together.

Our facilities are supervised by a house manager to ensure that the sober living environment offers structure and remains clean & sober. Individual recovery is encouraged with a focus on emotional, spiritual, and personal growth; individual empowerment and behavior changes are encouraged by using a combination of outpatient programs, meetings, and individual support along with the twelve step program. Our goal at Serene Transitions is to help you to regain your independence so you can live the life that was intended for you, filled with hope, faith, success, and happiness.

Our facilities accommodate both men and women, in residential, apartment-style settings or homes. All units are fully furnished with a sense of unique style to each home and have complete kitchens with all necessary cooking tools and appliances. All homes have cable television and all bedrooms are completely furnished and linens color coordinated. We have done everything we can to ensure your living environment at Serene Transitions is comfortable, affordable, and beneficial to your recovery.

Serene Transitions offers a safe and structured living environment along with access to outpatient aftercare services based upon your level of need. We provide resources that will empower you to obtain the life you deserve. One of the keys to success is mutual community involvement and a sense of belonging. We want you to be PROUD of where you live, your housemates, and yourself. Being surrounded with people that are positive, supportive, and working hard to achieve many of the same goals, makes early recovery fun and successful. It is our goal to make all of this possible for you.

Serene Transitions focuses on each client to ensure their needs are met for successful recovery. Our homes are beautifully furnished down to the last detail to promote a feeling of pride and respect. Weekly House, NA and AA meetings are held to ensure the highest level of commitment to a clean and sober lifestyle. It starts with your commitment to sobriety and is promoted by the support you receive during your stay with us. Located in sunny South Florida, Serene Transitions provides you with all the tools necessary for a return to a healthy, clean and sober lifestyle.

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